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Construction References

Will Do Restorations;  Contact person, Will   Office # 651-756-1170

Omsk Construction INC; Contact person, Andrew    Office # 952-583-5820

Teck-Neck Construction; Contact person, Rudy    Office # 612-866-9226

Customer References

Alvena Sarrar:     Cell # 651-276-7703  Roof, Fence, Door, Patio Door, Garage Door repair and New Opener, Exterior.

Michele Smith:     Cell # 651-329-4711  Gutters, Home security surveillance system, Interior and Exterior.

Patricia Allen:     Cell # 651-488-3819   Roof, Interior trim and paint. Interior and Exterior.

Bart and Stacy Guthrie: Cell # 651-271-1902  Unique Garage, Insulate, Vapor seal, Garage Heater, Sheetrock, Mud, Tape, Paint, Paint and seal Garage floor with floor Epoxy kit.

Lue Wiley:          Cell # 651-290-0970  Fence Repair.