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Please scroll through Construction Your Way's archive of  job photos. All photos are authentic and all work has been done by construction your way Inc  and employees.   None of our photos are fabricated or copied off the web!

                                             Interior Projects


Kitchen #1: installed sheet rock, new cabinets, Granite counter tops, sink, tile floor and back splash, new doors and door trim, new appliances, painted walls and stained cabinets, also under cabinets lighting ceiling fan with spot lights. Finished pic. 

Kitchen #2: under cabinet lighting, new spice racks and appliances,  diamond set tile back splash. Finished pic.

Kitchen #3: tile floor. Finished pic.

Kitchen #4: sheet rock, cabinets, microwave. Before pic.

Kitchen #5: cabinets, interior door, trim, paint, stain, tile floor. Before pic.


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                             Living rooms, Dining rooms, Bedrooms And Dens

Living Room #1: insulate sheetrock,   window- coverings, floor and door trim, window shades, paint and unique book shelf, ceiling fan with remote. pergo floor. Finished pic.

Living Room #2: window coverings and floor trim, unique book shelf made buy hand to match trim work, CYW. Finished pic. 

           Living Room

Livingroom leaky basement. Mold removal, insulate, vaporseal & drywall.

Livingroom leaky basement, insulation.

Livingroom leaky basement, vaporseal & drywall.

Living Room #3: insulate, vapor seal,  electric heater, sheet rock, mud and tape. Before pic.

Dining Room #1: window shades and window coverings, light fixture. Finished pic.

Dining Room #2: insulate, vapor seal,  sheet rock, paint. Before pic.

         Lead abatement class State & Fed EPA

Lead cert class.

Lead cert class.

Lead cert class.


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                     Project That Include A Mixture Of Interior And Exterior.

          Surveillance systems

Security System #1: 8 camera DVR, monitor in 3 different rooms, all wires hide.

Security System #2:

Security System #3: exterior cameras

Security System #4: exterior cameras

          Duplex building remodel, commercial with apt. rental on top floor


Building Remodel #1: vinyl siding, plank board siding, windows, sofit & fascia, doors, paint and mural for advertisement, new electric, new gas and new two story deck, cement and foundation work. Finished pics.

Building Remodel #2: close up of mural, siding, windows, egress windows and installed new gas and gas lines from the street. Finished pics. 

Building Remodel #3: tyvek and  window framing

Building Remodel #4: removal of old siding, installation of OSB sheeting and tyvek. Before pics.

Building Remodel #5: egress windows. Finished pics.

Building Remodel #6: interior commercial space, barber shop and salon, frame work, insulation, sheet rock, mud and tape, paint, tile, plumbing, electric, heating and venting and fixture. Finished pics.

Building Remodel #7: interior commercial space, insulation, framing and sheet rock. Before pics.

Building Remodel #8: interior, tile flooring, metallic paint and installation of fixtures. Before pics.

Building Remodel #9: interior hallway, bathroom and salon. Finished pics. 

Building Remodel #10: interior salon, French doors, paint and fixtures. Finished pics.

Building Remodel #11: interior salon, French doors, sheet rock and paint. Before pics.

Building Remodel #12: interior  second floor apartment, living room, dining room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen and bath. Removed old plaster walls, insulate, vapor seal, sheet rock, mud and tape, new windows and window coverings trim work, paint and stain, new fixtures, new plumbing and electric, new furnace forced air. Finished pics.

Building Remodel #13: second floor, sheet rock, windows, plaster removal. Before pics.

Building Remodel #14: interior bed rooms second floor, new windows and window coverings, new trim work, new doors, new thermostat, new paint and stain. sheet rook.

Building Remodel #15: interior kitchen second floor, new cabinets, windows, window covering, appliances, counter tops, sink, plumbing, tile flooring, fixtures,  paint and stain. new stairs, pine wood with semi gloss stain. Finshed pics.

Builiding Remodel #16: second floor, before pics of kitchen and stairway. Before pics.


Addition #1: mainroom 25' / 14' cement, footings, framing, deck, sheeting, tyvec, windows, vinyl siding, unique dog door, roofing, aluminum window and door flashing, aluminum sofit and fascia, spray foam insulation, vapor seal, sheet rock, mud and tape, paint, pergo floor, French doors, window shade.

Addition #2

Addition #3: porch, back doorway,

Addition #4: French doors, window tint design, dog door. Finished pic.

Addition #5: windows and windows coverings. Finished pic. 

Addition #6: new door, pantry, back doorway, splash guard for puppy dish. Pantry cabinets for storage, shoe bench for back pains. Finished pics.

Addition #7: cement, footings and framing. Before pic.

Addition #8: framing

Addition #9: framing and OSB sheeting

Addition #10: roofing

Addition #11: windows and tyvek

Addition #12: window and door aluminum rap

Addition #13: decking

Addition #14: heating and venting

Addition #15: vent insulation

Addition #16: spray foam insulation, and 3 Mill Polly

Addition #17: back door-pantry way, duraroc for tile floor. Before pic.

Addition #18: main room floor, laminate pergo. Before pic.

Addition-North Dakota farm  Built boot room for farmers to clean up after work

Addition-North Dakota Farm  Foundation

Addition-North Dakota Farm  Starting framing


Tile floor install.

Tile Install

Tile floor install.

                                   Exterior Projects


#1 Previous contractor disappeared with money and the customer called us (CYW). We stepped in and installed patio door, siding and trim. Before pic.

#2 finished pic 

#3 CYW made customer very happy with the difference in service from the contractor that disappeared and the work they received from CYW.   Almost finished pic.


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          Cement Work And Driveways, Black tops.

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Roofing #1: flat roof commercial. Finished pic

Roofing #2:  flat roof commercial. Finished pic.

Roofing #3: flat roof installed new skylight with new roof.

Roof Repair-Leaky roof before pic

Roof Repair-Leaky roof Ripped shingles off in order to properly install roofing for this type of roof landing

Roof Repair-Leaky roof  Installing proper underlayment so roof will not leak

Roof Repair.

Roof repair 95% complete.

Roof repair. Shingles on side wall will lay down with hot weather.

Roof repair  complete


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Landscape. Leaky basement, grading so to angle water away from home.

Landscape Leaky Basement, 6-mill poly so to divert water away from home.

Landscape leaky basement, finished pic.

Landscape leaky basement. grading complete.

Landscape leaky basement complete. Customer opt to install rock under window.  Customer has two dogs that continue to play with  the new mulch and brick.

Landscape leaky basement. Complete.

          Garage, Interior Workmans Garage

Workman's garage #1: insulate, sheet rock, mud and tape, pop ceiling knock- down, Paint walls and ceiling, apply special floor paint and epoxy mixture, garage heater. Finished pic

Workman's garage #2: there is a 300 max lbs elevator, also pull down steps for storage usage above the garage, huge attic. Finished pic

Workman's garage #3: oe of CWY's unique projects. Finished pic

Workman's garage #4: R19, R38 insulation and 3mill polly vapor seal. Before pic

Workman's garage #5:  garage held temp to an  easy 70 degrees  after we finished. Before pic

Workman's garage #6: installed 100,000 BTU hot dawg gas garage heater

Workman's garage #7: 40x25 feet, 2 garage doors

Workman's garage #8: garage floor, epoxy paint mixture with flakes


Window frame install for picture windows in pool area.

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